Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Why Have Your Dryer Vent Cleaned?

Dryers are convenient appliances but cleaning the lint trap is not enough to keep them in top shape. You need to occasionally clear out the vent to keep your dryer working at peak efficiency.
Dryers collect lint from clothing. The lint gradually clogs the vents, keeping the dryer from heating properly. Our dryer vent cleaning services ensure that the vent is completely clear of all lint and debris. We use specialized equipment to remove all blockage from inside and around the vent.

Advantages Of Dryer Vent Cleaning Include

Cleaning the vent of your dryer helps clear lint and debris so the appliance can run more efficiently. Clearing a clogged vent may keep you from overworking the dryer, resulting in a longer life and better drying action.
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Shorter Drying Times

Limit The Need For Longer Cycles

Extend The Life of Your Dryer

Reduce Risk Of Mold and Fire

Signs That You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning

Most people know to clean the lint trap before or after each cycle. However, you may not think about cleaning the vent until you notice one of the following signs:
● Your clothes are still damp after a normal cycle
● The top of the dryer heats up during use
● You notice a musty odor from the back of the dryer
A clogged vent keeps a dryer from drying clothes efficiently. You may notice that your clothes are still damp when they would normally be dry.
A clogged vent may also cause the top of the dryer to become hot due to the buildup of heat. The accumulation of moisture can also produce a musty smell, which can also be a sign of mold. If you notice any of these signs, do not wait. Book dryer vent cleaning in Reno from the experts at New Sunrise Cleaning.

Enjoy Faster Drying Times And Fewer Cylcles

Maintaining a clear vent allows your dryer to run more efficiently, which may reduce the need for more cycles. You can dry your clothes faster instead of needing to constantly reset the machine. Cleaning the dryer vent is essential for preventing the buildup of lint, heat, and moisture. 
Fibers from clothing and other fabrics shed during the drying process. The friction and heat from the dryer separate the fibers from the fabrics, allowing lint to form. The small pieces of lint collect in the lint trap. Any lint that makes it past the trap ends up in the vent. The vent allows the dryer to expel moisture and heat outdoors. If the vent is clogged from lint, it cannot get rid of all the moisture and heat. The excess moisture can promote the risk of mold growth, while excess heat increases the risk of fire.