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New Sunrise Cleaning and Restoration offers Carpet Dyeing Services. Whether it’s color restoration, or a color change, we are here to help get your carpet to that like-new condition.

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Carpet Dyeing Services

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It is common to assume when we see a faded carpet or rug that it is time to for it to be replaced. This is not always the case as sometimes only the color has faded, but the carpet is still in good shape. Carpet Dyeing is another option. We either want to restore the old color or even change to a new color. To avoid overspending, carpet dyeing could be the solution you are looking for.

Carpet dyeing dries fast, is safe, and can save you thousands of dollars. What better way to get that faded carpet or rug looking fresh and new again?

Here’s a number of reasons color repair on carpets can happen.

  • Alkaline/Acid cleaning chemicals. The most common reason is Chemical application. strong high ph cleaners or acid low cleaners on ph scale. For ex degreaser would be high ph cleaner, acid toile bowl cleaner can be very acidic low on ph. Some carpets are dyed with indicator dyed, which are sensitive to either chemical.
  • Bleach Carpet Repair – Accidents can happen, somehow you got bleach on the carpet and needs fixing.
  • Sun Fading Spot Repair – Natural UV light can damage the color in carpeting. – Ozone Carpet Fading.
  • Oxides of nitrogen in ozone can discolor carpet. Carpet yarns can lighten or change color overtime. This needing to be re dyed.
  • Some over the counter products can contain chemicals that can result in color fading damaging the original colors in your carpets.

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