All home owners have probably had to deal with cleaning carpet stains in the house on more than one occasion. Urine especially can be difficult to deal with because it can be hard to clean up. Often times, urine stains are not discovered until hours later and can leave different stains depending on the pet’s diet, age, health and sex. These stains can change the color of carpets immediately or may take weeks or even months to be noticeable. Urine can damage carpets by weakening the bond between the layers of the carpet, causing the backing material to separate. This makes the carpet more vulnerable to future damage. Other problems associated with urine is the smell. Cat urine is especially prone to leaving harsh odors and unless the stain is completely removed, there will be a lingering smell. Cleaning products may only mask the smell, so enzyme-based treatments are most effective. Stains can cause permanent damage to carpets, so it is important to be sure the urine was completely removed.

Not only can pet stains cause permanent damage but also spilled drinks if not addressed properly. Even sugary drinks we see to be clear in color can leave stains over time as foot traffic will slowly contribute dirt and other debris by walking over the affected area. With time the spot will darken and become more difficult to rid the area of a stain. Most people are also aware that dark colored spills onto lighter carpet are a hassle to clean, and settle for a faded stain on the carpet. By having your carpet cleaned professionally you will be educated by a professional on how an accident should be addressed and the difference between using household items as opposed to equipment used by the pros.

Mistaken Treatments

When an accident occurs our first response is to find something to treat the affected area with. Popular items we go for are, a rag or even paper towels for blotting/wiping. Also if there is an available product in our cabinets for treating spills or pet accidents, we tend to go for those. However, one question we don’t to ask ourselves, “Is this product appropriate for my carpet?” Most of us scrub from side to side or up and down, not realizing that by doing so we are also pressing those accidents and spills deeper into the carpet fibers and base layer, along with the product we used to treat the area. The key to cleaning carpet stains is to extract what has soiled the carpet. A deep cleaning with household safe products followed by the extraction is going to be the most effective method in prolonging the life of the carpet. Doing so will prevent odors and stains from appearing in the future and avoiding costly carpet repairs.