Carpet/Tile/Grout Repair

Chipped or loose tile, missing or broken grout, stained or mildew caulking, loose carpet, permanently stained, burnt or dog chewed on carpet?

Just to name a few…

We get it, that’s life. Don’t Hesitate to Call New Sunrise for minor repair needs. We’ve got you covered!

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Carpet Repair Services

It’s normal for carpets to suffer from all sorts of wear and tear. You may have pets or children, or just happened to trip while marching your red wine from the kitchen (it’s ok, it happens sometimes). Every homeowner suffers from the nightmare slow-motion spill scenario from time to time. Don’t worry about it though. We have an affordable solution. Give us a call and we’ll have your carpet looking great.

We fix all types of damage, including: water damage, moth damage, or damage from vacuum cleaners, burns from cigarettes and heat lamps, and of course carpet stains of just about any kind. If your carpet is damaged, only select parts of it will need replacement. When we clean the undamaged old sections and replace the damaged parts with new segments, the cost is significantly lower than getting a new carpet, and it looks great too! Carpet repair is undoubtedly still the fastest and most affordable way to get your rooms looking great again.

Asses The Damage To Your Carpet

Make Recommendation for Repairs

Decide With You The Best Carpet Repair Remedy

Repair Your Carpet Then and There, Bringing it Back to Life Again

Tile/Grout/Caulking Repair Services

Over Time Your Floors, Showers, Countertops will start showing signs of improperly installation, cheap building materials or just normal wear and tear from years of daily usage.

Not to worry, we understand and happen to have a fix for all those problems. Give New Sunrise a call to remediate your worries.

We have a variety of grout colors and a color chart to color match your old grout, we also offer “color seal” technology to give your grout and floors a total feel NEW different look, without having to go thru the messy process of demoing it. but much efficient and cost effective too.


Grout and Color Seal Chart

Color Sealing

Tile and Grout Repair