Carpet cleaning before Thanksgiving? We are only a few days away and if you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner you should consider getting your carpet cleaned before the big day. There are many factors when it comes to preparations such as shopping, going through recipes, decorations etc. You don’t only want to impress your guests with great food, but also with an awesome venue. We list a couple of reasons why you should clean your carpet before Thanksgiving :

Have Your Home Look Great For Your Guests

Clean carpets will have your family and friends feeling more comfortable. You will also feel proud of knowing your carpets are in near new condition.

Have Your Home Smelling Fresh

By having your carpet cleaned professionally, you can be sure to get rid of any pet stains and odors around your home. Give your self that peace of mind that your home is smelling great.

Clean High Traffic Areas

You might have noticed a darker color in certain parts of your carpet. This most likely the result of a high traffic area where the majority of people walk and might be the dirtiest parts of your carpet.

Post Halloween Cleanup

Clean your carpet and get rid of any sticky candy or food that may have found its way to your carpet. We know we can bring in an excessive amount of leaves and such during the fall season.

Carpet Cleaning After Thanksgiving

If you have your carpet cleaned regularly you may decide to wait until after Thanksgiving. During Thanksgiving, there is a high chance that a drink or food will be spilled on your carpet. You might encounter the spill while cleaning after dinner or the next day. Regardless, now will be a good time to schedule your carpet cleaning. You can begin preparations for Christmas with a clean carpet. Happy Holidays!