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Reno and Sparks Carpet Cleaning Services

We’re a 5 star rated cleaning service company serving Sparks, Reno, and the surrounding area. We offer free estimates for all services. Family owned and operated, aiming to provide you the best cleaning and customer experience.

Our Services

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Carpet Cleaning

Elite Hot Water Extraction
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Upholstery Cleaning

Restore freshness
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Carpet Repair

Repair to like-new condition
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Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Effective Stain/Urine Extraction
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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Restore The Original Colors and Beauty of Your Tile
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Water Damage Restoration

Available 24/7 for Emergency Work

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What Makes Us Different?

At New Sunrise, we care about your home and its belongings. We treat you with the utmost respect as we would like to be treated if we hired a service provider in our own home. Our commitment emphasizes in achieving nothing but the best cleaning results and satisfied customers.

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Carpet Cleaning

We’re a carpet cleaning company but we’re also much more than that. We have built our business on not only providing the best carpet cleaning in Reno NV but also the best service experience. We take extra steps to take care of your home while we’re cleaning your carpet and we do it because we care. One thing is for sure, when we are finished we want you to be so thrilled that you’ll tell your friends and family about us. We go above and beyond and that is why we feel we’re a top choice for carpet cleaning in Sparks NV.
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Carpet Repair

If you have wrinkles in your carpet we can re-stretch your carpet and trim the excess leaving your carpet wrinkle free. Carpet wrinkles happen for a number of reasons, perhaps you’ve moved the furniture around quite a bit or it can even be from poor initial installation. If you have split seams, holes in your carpet, iron burns, or even a set in stain. Our carpet repair service can take care of all of those things. Carpet repairs cost a fraction of replacement costs and may be an option to extend the life of your carpet.
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Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Your lovely son, daughter, significant other, or maybe even yourself really wanted a dog or cat. Our furry loved ones can just make our whole day better with unconditional love. However, sometimes they’re not so loving to our carpets, rugs, beds, and other items in the home. When it comes to pet stains and odor it takes professional expert knowledge to deal with them that you simply cannot get from store bought products. We have the education and experience to deal with these special issues.
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Tile and Grout Cleaning

There is nothing worse than spending a day or weekend with a toothbrush and some soapy water to clean your tile and grout floor. It’s hard work and it can take a massive tole on your whole body. There are also times when you don’t get the results you want and even after the hard work is done the results don’t last. Our tile and grout cleaning services gives us the added benefit of a pressure washer but with virtually no mess to worry about. We can also seal your grout lines after we’re finished cleaning to keep them looking great longer.
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Water Damage Restoration

Water can be very damaging to your home or business if it is not dealt with quickly and with professional care. We have many tools in our arsenal to not only remove the water quickly but to also find it. Water can hide in unknown areas as it is very unpredictable and leaving a little water behind can cause a lot of secondary damage. When you need a dependable water damage restoration company, you can count on us to arrive quickly to get your home or business back to pre-loss condition.
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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning can sometimes be tough. Dad and his buddies might have spilled food or drinks while watching the game. The kids dropped their cup full of kool aid. Or maybe our beloved pet brought dirt and mud from outside. A simple cleaning might just not be enough to take care of these problems. Whether its your favorite recliner, couch, or any upholstery, we are up for the challenge and will provide upholstery cleaning that will bring your upholstery back to a like-new condition.

Best Carpet Cleaning In Reno

The Importance of Having Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Homeowners have many options for flooring material. Tile, wood, and carpet are common materials used to make up the floors of your home. Carpet is soft, affordable, cozy + keeps the house warmer. The responsibility of having carpet in your home is to ensure the cleanliness.

Beyond Vacuuming

Vacuuming is an essential part of cleaning a home with carpet. Vacuums use high-powered fans and suction devices to extract dirt, debris, lint and hair from your carpet. While this removes dirt on the top of your carpet, it doesn’t actually clean the fibers. This can only be accomplished through professional carpet cleaning.

Cleaning the Carpet Yourself

Cleaning your carpet rids the fibers composing it of dirt. Carpet cleaning should be completed routinely. You can do this yourself. However, carpet cleaners for individual use are not as powerful as those used by professionals.

You could be wasting your energy by cleaning your carpet yourself. If you’re not removing every foreign substance in your carpet, what’s the point of spending your money on a carpet cleaner and its cleaning solution? Everyone wants more time with the ones they love; why spend your time only scratching the surface of the grime ingrained into your carpet?

Let the Professionals Handle it

In commercial carpet cleaning, high-powered extractors are used. These devices introduce hot, rinse free water into the carpet and suction it away. The suctioning away of the water prevents mold growth from leftover moisture in the carpet. This can easily occur with home-grade carpet cleaners. Without proper removal of the moisture, mold and mildew will quickly spawn in your carpet. These fungi can make you and your family sick.

High heat is required to kill dust mites and harmful pathogens. This is the only way to properly sanitize your carpet. This extraction method gets rid of ground in dirt and pollutants. Pollutants can include allergens and pet dander. These things can cause allergies and aggravate the pulmonary tract of asthmatics.

Dust mites are a common allergen. The removal of dust mites cannot be completed simply by dusting or vacuuming. In fact, these activities may spread dust mites. The only way to kill dust mites and the allergens they produce is with high heat.

The powerful cleaning solutions used by professional carpet cleaners can break down and lift away years of dirt. They also have access to extremely effective stain removers. You can try all of the home remedies found on the Internet to remove that grape juice stain, but you won’t always be successful. not to think the left over residue left behind these products can cause more harm than good. let the professionals handle it for you instead, you’ll end up spending about the same amount of money and you can focus on other things with the spare time.

Commercial cleaning solutions can eliminate tough-to-remove odors as well. Owning three dogs doesn’t mean that your house has to smell like them. As carpet becomes matted down from years of wear and dirt collection, it can look unsightly. After a professional carpet cleaning, your carpet will look and feel new again.

When dirt and debris collect in carpet fibers, the fibers degrade and fray. Routine carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpet, making it enjoyable for many years to come.